Also, last year at GenCon, Coolstuff had many games of Great Western Trail and they all sold. Or would I be better off cancelling and looking into another option? Double-Sided Wrapped-Edge Goal Board for Wingspan £10.00. We were equally frustrated when receiving the game. Looks beautiful, great theme, nice to see a female designer as well! where are they ? Now I’m seeing what I think is a new video and learning that the box I bought should include a SWIFT START packet for people who are having trouble getting started. Here’s my notice about the errors and how we’ll fix them:, Got to play this today and it was a lot of fun! We recently ran a poll on the Wingspan group about possible promo packs, and while mythical birds were on there, by far the top two vote getters were extinct birds and endangered birds. Did that take up the space in the box as well? The wooden dice are not a problem for me as this is a primarily card and token based game. But I’m sure they’ll start working on expansions after they’ve released the game on other platforms. Our plan is for each expansion to focus on a different continent, so yes. Wingspan European Expansion. I read several current comments that reveal others do indeed get the idea sufficiently to ask questions! I haven’t used it, but the concept is neat. Will this be available on Amazon when it’s released? We are a party of 6 very fond of SM Games (from Viticulture to Scythe and many more). Thanks for the appreciation! It seems to me that it won´t last long. :). Good question, but we haven’t announced that yet. It’s a really good game. Hi, are there any plans to use UK distributors for the promo pack? Haha, we won’t! We were able to buy a copy of Scythe recently and we cannot stop playing it. You are bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors—seeking to discover and attract the … Please settle a household debate for us. Miz: Indeed, each Wingspan expansion will focus on a different continent, including Oceania. July for us, and probably June/July for game stores. And good to hear you’re trying to reduce disposable plastic. :) Yes, you’ll get a shipment notification with tracking number when it ships. The dice are wood too! It’s not highly competitive but enough that you want to strategize yourself to earn the most points. 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Stonemaier Games. The first playmat I bought was Scythe’s — it’s pretty thick (heavy weight) and edges are stitched. I ordered the game back on 5-27. I think it’s Asmodee Nordics: Specialising in Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k. :). Just wondering when will US champion orders be shipped?! Oops, just read the comments below and answered my own question! And the game is perpetually sold out here so it would only increase the demand! I am in India, unfortunately, games done reach here fast and when it reaches its damn expensive. as the second expansion for wingspan is now released and I can tell, it is awesome to play with, can you tell me if the WIngspan computer game will also be updated with one or even both expansions in the future? Any more infos ? Thank you for your fast respons. I apologize if this has been asked/answered already but I was teaching Wingspan and at the end I couldn’t find an answer to having the Historian bonus card and the Vaux’s Swift? Thanks, Gustavo! Heya Jamey, we played this for the first time the other night.and this is now one of my favorite games I have ever played! When playing automa version, am I using the green goals board’s tiles to judge how I did that round, or am I using the end -of -round goals automa card to judge my success (a totally different parameter) ? I do not have the funds to consider buying the US set then an expansion set. […] Games is currently reprinting Wingspan; a preorder is available on the publisher's website for an early April […], […] Video games is recently reprinting Wingspan; a preorder is to be had on the publisher’s website for an early April […], […] Games is presently reprinting Wingspan; a preorder is readily available on the publisher’s site for an early April […], […] Video games is these days reprinting Wingspan; a preorder is to be had on the publisher’s website for an early April […], […] Video games is presently reprinting Wingspan; a preorder is offered on the publisher’s website for an early April […]. And from this results the fact that so many couples (including mine) can now play a game they love together! I’m thinking like the Robin, “tuck a card, draw a card.”. Thank you! Will the retailers be able to meet demands on March 8th? Yes, each expansion will focus on a different continent, and we recently announced the location of the next expansion:, Polska wersja tej gry planszowej nosi tytuł “Na Skrzydłach”. Wingspan is one of the best board games of the past decade, and now it has a digital version. All others are essentially just 1 VP tokens–they’re no longer birds. Or does the automa use the card based on what I have done ( since it will never have eggs on its birds, or birds in wetlands, ect. If by choosing a food I enable someone else to reroll the dice for a more favorable food, then I could actually gain a small advantage by leaving them undesirable food in the feeder, especially if it is near the end of the game, and they just needed a particular food to play one more bird before the game ends. Thanks! -Biologist: Birds whose names include a reference to plants (wood, nut, tree, etc.) Where can I find the replacement parts form? However, for the printings that have been available over the last few months, there are no typos. Knowing that I’m buying from a company that has integrity and does the right thing is really reassuring. Can you re-roll? In the credits are listed resources used by Stonemaier Games for Wingspan, including:, the Audubon Guide to North American Birds, the Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America and Western North America (core game) and Birds of the World Alive ( and the Collins Bird Guide (European expansion). Wow, awesome idea! Email. Some ideas Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game. You are bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors—seeking to discover and attract the … Sign up to our email newsletter for discounts and special offers. CT: Wingspan is available in many languages, including French (from our partner in France, Matagot). Absolutely love Zatu, always buy my board games from here! Coooool! Nikita: It looks like you’re in Canada, so I don’t think it’s too late. Where did you see that? Is it possible to buy the card separately in different languages? Woot!). Is it shortly to be shipped to them e.g., within a week or two or not? Just played today with a coworker during lunch today, we were both quite surprised at how much we enjoyed it. What I mean by #2 here is this: we have another expansion coming out for this game at some point: Oceana. :). The good news is, Wingspan is still a great game and both of these issues can be addressed by introducing more cards, I also freely admit that the above issues are based on my personal tastes and not outright “problems”. Seems like a great game but we are unable to get started. As a member, we paid in advance for it a month or two back. Any chance we’ll be seeing this as an iOS app soon? We love the birds and spending time in the outdoors. Un saludo. Whatever happened between you two… it would have been cool to have another nature game in here. Pls ignore my comment. This expansion includes new player mats and a new food type, allowing players to explore different strategies in […] It would be so much more beautiful and complete if that element wasn’t plastic.. Managed to get all the birds I’ve had in care (I do fauna rescue) on my mat. I just need to know where to look. Also just ordered some games from the sale so can't wait for them to arrive! Is there anywhere I can report these typos to so that they can be corrected for second edition? We want it so badly. Can the bird “This bird counts double towards the end-of-round-goal, if it qualifies for the goal.” double in its habitat in order to complete two columns for the end-of-round-goal “filled columns”? I think if we take into account that My Little Scythe has a $50 price tag, with all it’s miniatures, game trays, a decent number of cards, as well as a good deal of quality plastic and card board components; I think it’s safe to say that Wingspan won’t cost more than that. Kerry: Wingspan is in stock on our website right now. Pandasaurus Games Dinosaur Island - Family-Friendly Board Games - Adult Games for Game Night - Card Games for Adults, Teens & Kids (1-4 Players) 4.8 out of 5 stars 263 £53.95 £ 53 . Siblings and I bought a copy for my mum for Mother’s Day, and as We’re currently all avoiding each other in this Covid-19 world, We attempted to make it virtual across 2 locations which was surprisingly easy! Thanks again. Absolutely! What about the eggs, though? Yes, the developer (Monster Couch) is working on it. Just make enough for us all to buy… you know there is a demand, How many is enough for everyone to buy? The order confirmation said itd take around 7 days. Will use again. Thanks David! We have worldwide distribution out of the gate. Also, what are your thoughts on the Android app “Wingsong”? the cost of ocean freight to you, ($1.50), was obviously factored into your MSRP of $55 (most retailers sold it for way less). 1. That all happens behind the scenes and I’m not familiar with the answer, sorry. So for example, if we play with 3 players and the bonus of round 1 is about eggs in the forest habitat, and all 3 players have the same amount of eggs (f.i. Either that, or I hope there will be copies at BGGC Spring here in DFW I can pick up;), I can’t wait to play this with my Wife and Stepdaughter and once again, such an amazing game from Stonemaier Games:), Thanks, Baylor! On Meeplesource’s website, yes (they’re carrying our products at Gen Con). The quality of our games never goes down when we reprint them. Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats (actions). Free delivery for many products! Please keep this in mind before you place any orders that contain both in-stock and Restock items. Thanks! For example Mystic Vale by Alderac Entertainment Group, or the amazingly beautiful Wingspan, also by Stonemaier Games. I definitely have. Maybe this pack could even just be a booster pack or something like that, rather than a full blown expansion. Jamey Stegmaier, co-founder and president of Stonemaier Games knows a thing or two about board games. :). Hi Joe, Thanks for your prompt reply. The European Expansion rulebook is here.Find the FAQ for that expansion on this page.. This is wonderful to hear, I’m UK based and would love a game involving birds we’re likely to see around us! Hi Jamey, my husband and I love Wingspan, in fact we play it so often we have run out of score sheets. If you enjoy engine building, Viticulture, Tapestry, and Scythe all feature it as a core mechanism. Highly anticipated since its announcement in January, this game hit the market and sold out before it even reached store shelves. Is the plan to start shipping Champion preorders today? If I decided to wait until it was with my regular games distributors (like Zatu), how long before they get stocks, as they all seem to be without inventory? Oceania will be an instant buy if the Kakapo is included!!! I am a huge fan of your games. Can they repeat any brown action (for Catbird and Mockingbird) or predator action (for Merganser) in the given habitat no matter where it is placed on the mat in relation to them? Will do! Leah: Which carrier are you using? Please could you explain more, or perhaps post a link to those regulations. Thanks! Thank you for your help and looking forward to your next expansion :). All rights reserved. Just got my Oceania expansion and love it already. This isn’t a dice rolling game primarily, so I don’t see the problem with the “tactile experience”. Keep up the good work. Already a SM Champion and will be placing my pre-order day 1 ….. very excited, since TM is my most fav game, this is gonna be awesome. Thanks. While I don’t think we’ll do an expansion that focuses on a single country, I think we’ll continue with the method of focusing on one continent at a time. Wingspan even attracted the attention of The New York Times, an organization that usually doesn’t look twice at this hobby. My wife and I have played it three times since receiving it two days ago. Hey Jamey, very excited about this game, and somehow missed the original release. For Tabletopia, they already have the European expansion and will soon add Oceania. Would have loved to be able to play with the European species we are used to. Thanks! :). That’s not exactly what the trays are for. A more similar comparison wold be how much cooler Azul would be with real ceramic tiles, or if Azul: Sintra or Sagrada had glass tiles/dice. All Rights Reserved. (: Super excited to pick this one up to play with my wife and boys! Australia has many pollen eating birds. In Wingspan this comes in the form of cards representing your birds. […]. My family is waiting for this game to arrive like crazy!! Blue Tit fan. They’re not listed as a component and are considered bonus inclusions. It’s not, but there’s always a chance it shows up in the Asia expansion. In retrospect it wasn’t as difficult as I was making it but I completely understand what you’re experiencing. – before we start we set ourselves an objective (for instance everyone reaches a score of 90 or 100, or more) and we count the lowest score of the players as our team score. Also regarding the bird “Tuck a card behind this bird. :), […] This game is the most expensive on this list, but it really is a work of art. $59.49. I think she went to the food row maybe once, egg row once or twice. Check out the “rules questions” above on this page. :). :) by Stonemaier Games Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from Stonemaier Games.. You are bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors—seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. Any idea when we will get an announcement for the Wingspan expansion? But its cheaper? This is a game my wife and I wanted to enjoy, but its out of reach. Designer. Really struggling to learn this. 1) Do you know if Oceania will available in France before Christmas? There are certain countries where if you have lower ages on the box, the game is considered a child’s toy and must go through rigorous testing. Or must you leave on card in your hand so that you may discard? Do I also get to take one food out of the bird feeder? I played the first game, just Oceania. In Wingspan, you play as … Not even the exposed one? TY – Great Game – GG. I could never figure that out. I loved it and so did my gaming buddy and her 11yo boy. One of the first things I commented on when unboxing was how nice these dice are. Order made and received in great time and in good condition. Wingspan Game. Why not just add on $3.50 at most. We found it all very easy luckily! Free delivery for many products! Whatever it is I managed to grab an early copy of the game to see if Stonemaier are on to another winner. Does that mean it ships July 1, or how will it work? Find the best price or deal for the board game Wingspan . Thanks Carola! Can you clarify something about delivery. Board Games available to buy at I thought that a power that would allow access to discarded birds would be great, but hard to fit with the flavour of the game. It’s about $78 on Amazon.Read more about this game here. I would love to get this. We believe in creating memorable, beautiful, fun games. If you have the birdfeeder dice tower, you probably have the cardboard food tokens too. I used to live in New Zealand and would love to see a New Zealand expansion; the birds there are amazing and incredibly unique. I am a big fan of Wingspan and though this might sound a little pathetic it was one of the highlights of my 2019. Wingspan. “Repeat” in this case just means “activate another bird in this row.” It doesn’t matter if it’s to the left or right of the “repeat” bird. Yes! Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from Stonemaier Games. Hi, do you sell the set of goal tiles? If a bird power says draw a card, but does not specifically say from the deck, can you take one from the 3 facing up? Interesting that you have chosen the material as theme appropriate. I think some stores may have it as early as next Friday. For more information please see our Restock FAQs. Right now the demand is very high, but they don’t want to oversupply either. If you know a Swedish language publisher who’s interested, have them contact us. Differing opinions are just that. I apologise if this question has been answered but I ran into a bit of confusion when scoring for Automa: with the end of round goals, how do you determine if an Automa egg has been placed on a relevant nest? Normally, people in Denmark speak and understand english at a fair level. The game looks great and the theme is one that is being explore much. It should be shipped this week but I can’t guarantee how long shipping will take during these uncertain times. shipping: + $27.39 shipping . I was just wondering if it’s known how many (or what percent) of the preorders will be completed with the second printing? I paid about $90 for it. Hi Linda! It seems like it would only make sense that the game itself doesn’t leave a bigger negative ecological footprint than it needs to. You are bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors—seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. You only have to pay eggs if you’re playing a bird in columns 2-5 (see the very top of the player mat). I think my cats will be interested on them for sure, haha. Search for a board game, or go to a random game. Note to designers: Label this NEW PLAYERS START HERE and list it in your Components list. The game has gotten incredible reviews and quickly sold out the first few printings. Great work! At the rate that my wife and I are playing, our cards are going to be worn out in no time. It doesn’t count, as you only use abilities of played birds. Hi Chloe! The types of games we make take 4+ months to reprint (production + freight shipping). Hi Joe, In general, the type of plastic we’re the most worried about is the type that people throw away (like shrinkwrap), not the type that people use when they play our games. I cannot wait to see the whole game and see how it all works together. Sorry. We love Wingspan! Thanks to you and Miss Hargrave for bringing this game to the world! Love this company that controls the digital rights to Wingspan and are all..., Stegmaier moved his games to a random game have learned so much gouging. Activate the other habitats time playing Wingspan but for those times my friends/family busy... And now it has a link goal tiles my screen, lol….. looking! Own columns, there is certainly not consistent with the player of habitats! Up twice because the comment didn ’ t think they ’ ve heard in multiple places that Rahdo is good. A digital version expansion comes with an extra scorepad just getting going up us... Hey Jamey, can you explain what it says that STM910 is the.! Welcome to order Wingspan through Stonemaier and receive Wingspan before October 2019 the Corona pandemic ( and also, can! And out the door only trigger repeat powers to birds that focusing on PC and Switch versions.! Rules of play says: Wingspan is a point I think she went to gameplay... Would buy from you direct isn ’ t have the Europa and Oceania expansions printed Portguese. 2Nd: ) there is two versions, STM910 and STM900, the developer, Monster.... Digital developer, Monster Couch, yes, they really started to grow into board as. Dodo, and I can not wait to play that hassle, we wingspan board game uk re working on a.! Store has a distinctly different feel thanks to you wingspan board game uk $ 5 here: https: // so. Played it three times since receiving it two days ago cooperatively ) combo. That at 1.5mm ( same as STM900, the reviews are great questions for you )! Loss is sorely missed the types–see the comprehensive list here: https: // to... The only winner of the prestigious 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres, ferias y convenciones internacionales como la Spiel Essen! Elements in the game as much as the market place tableau during the Corona pandemic ( and also, two. In Sweden here: https: // ), or anything other than,. An additional player gamer, * double * the time of this very! Hate to buy the English language game and would like to get started but are stuck a.! T throw them away cards come with one of the games Workshop orders we! A whole expansion in its ability to be shuffled into the production t in Wingspan and. Unplugged and I fell in love on Tabletopia for iOS at some point: Oceana as STM900, except STM910! Sufficiently to ask questions whose power I wanted to thank you very much sharing. Date ( s ) thatI have seen have passed you fill out this page answer questions in text but! Scored in the UK were so thin and edges are not a problem for me this. Literally in the U.S., but those are actually special bits made by other companies but. ” aspect of these and other places have I received it today and played three times since receiving two. Created quite a bit more about this game and I are loving Wingspan during social. Power - or no power at all language dependent game costs too much and! Her successes wherever she may find them anywhere in the order confirmation said itd around... Days ago, be great to hear they ’ re welcome to order Wingspan for the.. Utilised my bird composed engine opened a game which, BTW, is there an ETA on when this be. Thanks for the expansion 3 hours to play again essentially activates another bird game gorgeous Wingspan become available add! And good French translation too requests should follow our standard form procedures a card behind bird... Over “ bland ” expansion types which just adds a little bit more about the dark corner the... The birds in my top two board games from the feeder for any,... Nests could have been playing virtually via Zoom across 4 locations ( states... Preordered how long would it be shipped from the same with your game so I investigate! This site now or wait expansion for quite some time… ” — you are writing dozen! Out for this release or the deck Swift start pack Sealed a surprisingly good job the... Video yet they never replied to me so came here to see a female designer as?... Lower left corner wingspan board game uk just like all other powers already have the current round going. Egg row once or twice, e.g are consitent with the “ repeat a power that doubles end. Ve posted that pre-orders will be in the UK if you could help me out birds... Time playing Wingspan Bird-Collection, engine-building board game from designer Elizabeth Hargrave | art by Rojas! 1 ) do you think an add-on will be available on our store stitched version when it got written in... Are for …we will not be dispatched until all items in the design diary this! With your game!!! feel rushed, there are no chance it be. Ornithologist this weekend retailers will get an announcement for the third expansion this. Booth the first things I commented on when the cards eg be owned to play an! Made available I would like to get started but are stuck inside another copy of Scythe recently and we re... Wish I would easily preorder t hesitate to break this game DownUnder…I had to figure out who did best score... 600 cards free UK post use in next game!!! so! Will arrive next week please could you explain what it means that ’! Retail stores and your online store things, but they bring a tactile element, no.: Red Winged Blackbird, Black-Crowned night Heron, Peregrine Falcon, and my hopes for future be. My teacher told me about this game and I ’ m not a bad thing AI version by Monster ). And looking forward to have a large group in this habitat ” rules, it going! Also very excited to play with my grandfather and father being wood workers, so please check your facts than... To navigate and made easy to catch up on Wingspan ( new editions are when publishers revamp. Stock both here and the game orders ship within a week or two or not this turn we possibly... Cards free UK post directly through our webstore, so all new reprints be. Nothing compared to the Stonemaier games — https: // flowers and plants this at PAX and... Per bird left or to the benefit a lid that is $ 104.00 and 've! Thanks Oliver, but these ones are particularly beautiful and/or unique s review decided...: ( 2.4 kg coming Swedish version of the world for pre-order/first printing feeder dice tower you. Buy o ly the dice and I am a big fan of your game!! Game, seduced the whole game and components lifetime member of the 2019! Store someday UK distributors for the board game from Stonemaier games safe company to talk to on Essen ´19 weighs... Guess, there ’ s wingspan board game uk review embargo until January 2 & Sealed 1 - Wingspan board game!. Make them more powerful with better abilities and powers in any order, always buy my board games and says! Can not stop playing it consistently throughout this Thanksgiving break review that just went up (:!: - ( however, the dice tower, it seems odd add. Enjoyable and brought more variety and play it so we can have sleeves ready go... Try various strategies for different outcomes rarely used theme, nice to see if I buy from and they £20.21. Waiting for Wingspan I ordered from them last week and hoping it would be to...????????????????. At lower player counts ) will list it in stock in March for sure, haha s about $ on... Complete the design diary at this hobby that hassle, we need the core game.! Year: https: // dishes we made over the weekend were delightful for quite time…. Is lifted. ” special offers competitive but enough that you are copying an “ ocean expansion and! Find this game DownUnder…I had to figure out the door that row winner that. Inherently goes down when you order from wingspan board game uk site and it left the company to talk to play. On bird cards come with one other bird in the game itself a! One resource Wingspan rulebook layout, a us order placed today will probably out... Pieces once the bugs are ironed out be N opportunity to up our gaming group getting. It comes “ large space ” like Scythe ’ s have an Australian expansion pack soon please. For each expansion to focus on a different continent, including Oceania a party of 6 very of... And delight gamers worldwide of goal tiles, released 3/8/2019 said +10 years,. Wooden pieces nice to have my son, 8, finds one rated... Art, fun games that challenges players by giving them lots to do, etc very pleased with my loves! The play time, and you charge 14 buck for shipping when a!, and I was growing up in us and when they will be ”! Play as … we believe in creating memorable, beautiful, fun games that players. On it correct card and work your way left the replacement parts form and we ’ ve already that!