Glen Burtnik from Styx ELO/The Orchestra and The Weeklings. No eddie jackson, whom has chops but doesn’t need to prove it every song. Without any flashy solos, Wyman remains underrated, but listen to any of the basslines on ‘Shattered’ or ‘19th Nervous Breakdown’ and tell us you haven’t missed him since he’s been gone. How innovative was the player’s technique, sound, and gear? 51. WTF? They rarely get anything right. He is the gold standard, and has been since the late 70’s. Walter Page needs to be here. No body is going to agree on this one…. Top five Two of the most underated and sadly forgotten amazing rock bassists of all time.Dennis Donaway from the original Alice Cooper band and the late Gary Thain from Uriah Heep. Greg Lake No Walter Page, Slam Stewart, or Jimmy Blanton? The”Johns” are absolutely correct…Entwistle first, then John Paul Jones! Placing Cliff Burton ,Paul McCartney and John Paul Jones over Jaco Pastorius is just insulting. Berry Oakley better than most in this “Top 10” and not just #41. Sims, Mel Schachler…. I can’t believe that Marcus Miller was omitted from this list. Where´s Mel Schaher? And they give us an opportunity to disagree. In addition, Kaye has also performed music for TV and film, including the theme for Mission Impossible. He wasn’t a “showman” but then I’ve never been impressed with showmen in the rythmn section, that’s the front mans gig. And thanks to all the mentions of the incomparable Rick Danko of the Band. Required fields are marked *. Martin Turner is the most ignored but brilliant bass player this country has ever known. I like Geddy but I still think Entwistle is a little better and that’s not a knock on Geddy Lee by any means but Entwistle…some of these people on this list couldn’t even carry his bass. Good list, but, come on, you’re putting Flea above Paul McCartney? Esperanza Spalding is arguably one of the few modern players who are doing the most to advance the art of bass. It’s good enough not only to anchor the verses, but also choruses that would otherwise be about as melodically and lyrically powerful as boiled lint. I don’t even think Paul should be on the list. ……….and how about MOE’s Rob Derhak ……….? And including Charles Mingus is just silly – not because he isn’t a great bassist, but because he is clearly the only jazz bassist you knew. never even heard of these other bloks ……. How come Entwhistle, Flea and McCartney are so high up? JJ Burnel is there at 46, should be higher of course, but where is Peter Hook? All rights reserved. Content to hang in the background and always ready to provide support, they live a … Again, however, Waters is solid on the bass and very loud. Great player. And Dave Hope. Last Updated: 2005-11-08 1. Don’t see how you can overlook John Illsley of Dire Straits and Sir Horace Gentleman from ska legends The Specials? Ryan Adams . I’m amazed that Mel Schacher from Grand Funk didn’t make the list. Weaned on the New York City club scene, Miller broke in as a Gotham session ace—an invaluable training ground. manca uno splendido tim bogert dei vanilla fudge, cactus,, ecc. 5. he is a killer bass player, endlessly inventive, driving,and creates killer sophisticated grooves. His hundreds of sessions in Philadelphia, New York, and Nashville include Gladys Knight’s Midnight Train to Georgia and Robert Palmer’s Every Kinda People. 9.) Really?? Consider this gem from Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook, when writer Thomas Wictor asked him how he felt about being considered influential: “How are you supposed to feel about something like that? I have not read any of the comments to not be swayed: It’s mostly the right people, but it’s a popularity contest. That’s because Claypool’s songs suck. SRSLY! Jack Bruce should be Higher on the list, and Felix Pappalardi from Mountain, who also Produced Cream, should be right there also! Mike, Ray Schulman? One of the least talented bass players ever! Jeff Berlin blows them all away!!! Well done once again to The Ox credit were credit is due! His willingness to explore all elements of bass playing—from free jazz to bop to down-home gospel blues—secures Mingus’ place in bass history. A list like this has got to be impossible to make. What about Steve Rodby or Richard Bona? Where is Paul Chambers? show me bass players that want to emulate Jack Bruce = everyone. When they detuned to C# on 1971’s Master of Reality, they singlehandedly forged the template of the doom/stoner metal subgenre. A natural talent blessed with Jaco’s bravura, the Philly-born phenom was the perfect Pastorius replacement in Weather Report, issuing his own dramatic Jazz Bass tones. Cozy finally has a seat at the cool kids' table. John Coltrane and Miles Davis and many others. Not the case with the 50 best bassists, who have carved out signature sounds and played as many memorable licks as the guitarists. You can’t compare Nathan East to John Entwistle or Paul McCartney but you can to Jaco Pastorius, where is Glen Cornick…base player Jethro Tull recently passed away .. Rest in piece cd Glen, What.. No Mention of the Bong rattlin’ bass of Mel Shacher (GFR)? Geddy Lee and Chris Squire can play everything the rest of the guys on the list play. It was easier to hear at the higher rpm. Tal Wilkenfeld? The greatest ever bassist was without a doubt the man who made Chicago Blues and much more…the great Willie Dixon. He’s been the rock solid backbone of the best rock band of the last 30 years, yet he gets zero recognition. These are all great players, I don’t think you could or should put them in an order of best to worst. Without whom I wouldn’t be playing bass. Donald “Duck” Dunn should be in the top ten. Played behind some fast ass guitar players. Ive done both. She was one hot chick in the 1970s. These bass players are some of the most famous. Y G T B S M..LOL. Then I did a page search for Jerry Scheff. Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse Aside from his big band w. the Raelettes, Ray also had a quartet for 35 years. athough NO is so obvious answer, Geezer Butler better than Charles Mingus!!! So from the heart. Agree 100%. Miller is a modern musical genius who happens to play bass. James Jamerson is the King. Chris Squire should be MUCH higher. Therefore a will add Felix Papalardi The 100 best bass players of all time 1. There’s a few of the guy’s I’ve not come across before but, I’d of of had Greg Lake, John Wetton, Dave Pegg and Jimmy Lea in there somewhere! They all sounds awesome on their bass guitar. The legend Mick Karn… not forgotten but sadly forgotten from this list. Listen to “Unconscious Power”. Bona is the complete package: a preternaturally talented entertainer and multi-instrumentalist blessed with a mellifluous voice and show-stopping bass technique. With Bela Fleck and as a solo artist, Victor Wooten took the Stanley Clarke style of fusion bass and upped the ante with more sounds, more flash and a more daring style. Also Felix Pappalardi, Jack Casady, Tommy Caldwell, and John Wetton belong on here. “I’m like Prince and Sting,” she says. No Lee Sklar? Since then, Holland has maintained a full touring schedule as bandleader and sideman, influencing all modern jazz bassists with his precise technique and experimental musicality. Possessing a deft touch and funky feel, she began a rapid rise as a member of L.A.’s Wrecking Crew, which recorded seminal sides with the Beach Boys (Pet Sounds, Good Vibrations), Quincy Jones (Hickey Burr), Sonny & Cher (The Beat Goes On), Mel Tormé (Games People Play), and Joe Cocker (Feeling Alright). Sir Paul was probably my most influential teacher. With average talent, centuries. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, Doug Wimbish looks back at 5 of his best – and worst – bass sessions, Jeff Ament: “Stone was always writing from a Zeppelin angle, so seeing if fretless bass could work in that realm was exciting“, What you need to know about wireless systems for guitar and bass, How bass effects pedals have improved over the past 30 years, 45 bass legends share their top tips for bassists. I don’t know who was surveyed and how you judged the meaning of best, but bassist number 12 through 32 would eat numbers 1 through 9 for lunch. Mingus’ early career focused on the swing and bebop scenes of the ’40s and ’50s. The list may be American, but surely he has some exposure over there? These headphones sound just like an amp, but only the wearer can hear the bass through them. But nice try. Charles Edward "Charlie" Haden (August 6, 1937 – July 11, 2014) was an American jazz double bass player, known for his long association with… Edgar Meyer 68,773 listeners Chris Squire is easily top five. Why not try again asking people who know music. Where is Overend Watts? For me it’s a tie for 1st: Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, Felix Papilardi, Jack Cassidy, and Greg Lake. Chris Squire is awesome. That Guy could barely sing and couldn’t play a bassguitar at all…, Gary Willis, Rocco Prestia, Federico Malaman, Hadrien Feraud, Henrik Linder, Sharay Reed, Matthew Garrison, Alain Caron, Steve Bailey, Victor Bailey, Tom Kennedy, Felix Pastorius, Anthony Jackson, Damian Erskine, Tetsuo Sakurai etc…. He shouldn´t be in the list…. Oakley’s style was contrapuntal and probing, especially during solos, when he would engage Allman guitarists by gradually moving up the fingerboard. And John Wetton. Peter Mars Cowling (Pat Travers Band), Leon Wilkeson (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Bob Daisley(Ozzy Osbourne & like ten other bands he was in) these guys are fantastic & even the guys that had to replace them were great to be able to play their lines correctly! Dave Pegg from Fairport Convention / Jethro Tull. Who’s the wild-lookin’ singer with a sombrero playing impossible chords and Stanley Clarke-style runs on a 6-string Ibanez archtop bass, you ask? ), he really puts in some nice bass lines. “I’ve played before Bob, with Bob, and after Bob, and along the way, I created a whole new concept of bass playing,” he said in 2007. Most top bass players would have him in their top 20! It’s all subjective. 1.) To learn to play The Beatles song’s bass correctly from zero would take weeks. Lee got it. Moving to a flatwound-strung Fender Precision and a fingerstyle technique rife with thumb-plucks, he connected with D’Angelo and sat way back in the pocket, setting the standard for neo-soul and hip-hop bottom. OK all you young people – Where is JET HARRIS ??? Try playing All Right Now without the bass. Overall not a bad list, I would switch Bill Wyman and Paul McCartney though, Wyman was far better and his bass lines on many Stones songs from the 70’s were just damn sexy! Here are the Top 200 Songs of The Who including the Top 50 by John Alec Entwistle (The Ox) –, as always in your liste forget more than a thousand great bass players , and the 40 is too small and the ones aren´t all : Greg Lake , Mel Sacher, Tony Stevens, Roger Glover, Geezer Butler, Rick Grech, Leo Lyons,……the list continues. Paul McCartney made a trademark out of the supple, lyrical bassline more than … Hate these lists! Although NO is so obvious answer. How in the world could you possibly have omitted Ronnie Baker? Eddie Gomez joined the Bill Evans Trio in 1966 and took jazz bass technique to a new level, expanding on Scott LaFaro’s style. He and guitarist Nile Rodgers also supplied their signature grooves on hits for Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Sister Sledge, and Madonna. Kudos on your 50 Best Bassists list. No Jack Casady? Any list of this nature without Joe Osborn loses all credibility. He should be in the top 25 at the very least. Tal Wilkenfeld. Some big time omissions. Carter is best known for his work with the Miles Davis Quintet, which he joined in 1963. This list is invalid simply because Bill Wyman is on here! Key associations include Eric Clapton, Quincy Jones, Phil Collins, Kenny Loggins, Whitney Houston, David Foster, and Daft Punk. I guess it should have been a Top 100 list instead. Rooted in classical training, Gomez’s playing is forceful, rhythmic, and melodic. Have you ever listened to Peter Cetera work with early Chicago. And where is JACK CASSIDY? What is their impact on the role of the bass? List by popularity or talent I’m not sure. Personally I’d have Ray Brown a lot higher. What, no the kid from the Partridge family, wah, wah, get over it, it is JUST a list! Can’t believe that Jack Cassidy (Hot Tuna) isn’t in the top 10! The father of Latin bass and king of the tumbao, Cachao transformed the Cuban traditional dance, danzon, into mambo, and his seminal recordings of jam sessions called descargas changed popular Afro-Cuban music and paved the way for generations of artists to follow. As founder of the Players School, his volatile views on music education are ongoing. Definitely Porcaro and also Timothy B Schmidt (eagles). Contemporary classical double bass players are performers who play the double bass, the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument.They perform European art music ranging from Baroque suites and Mozart-era Classical pieces to contemporary and avant-garde works in a variety of settings, ranging from huge symphony orchestras to small chamber groups, or as soloists. From metal, to pop, and hip hop, every genre has YouTube standouts that make music performances exciting to watch on video. Just happy seeing Phil Lynott and Lemmy there. I agree…Jack Bruce should be further up the chart! In his own work, the charismatic Philadelphia native fused seemingly disparate elements—big bands, Motown, the Caribbean/Latin flavors of his South Florida upbringing, the influences of jazz heroes like Charles Mingus and Paul Chambers, the funk of James Brown’s bassists, Western classical, the innovations of contemporaries like Jerry Jemmott, and Paul McCartney’s melodicism—into a hip, soulful, signature cocktail with more than a twist of rock & roll attitude. Where are Lee Jackson, Janick Top,Jamaaladeen Tacuma, John Greaves, Rocketry Morton? nnaaaaaaaa. In the world of punk and alternative music, there are few greater stewards of the bass than Mike Watt. In seven years, between 1975 and 1982, Jaco’s staggering contributions to discs by Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, and Weather Report radically upended our expectations of electric bass, and he further cemented his legend on records by Herbie Hancock, Albert Mangelsdorff, Michel Colombier, Al Di Meola, and others. Again : very funny, thanks a lot ! Jack Bruce should be #1 and what about Carmine Rojas? Entwistle will always be #1! And Jaco is the greatest who ever lived—he did more to shape the world of electric bass than anyone on this list. No Doug Pinnick from Kings X? Videos you watch may be added to the TV's... Steve Harris. She’s nice and loud and consistent too, it really adds the music. “I aspire to learn less and less about music as I go on,” he said in 2003. Where are Tim Bogert, Rick Laird and Paul Jackson ? i’m biased, but I say Jackie Wessel from Leon Russell’s band is one of the top bass players. This list is a joke. Another vote for Graham Maby for inclusion. All these comments, and no mention of the late, great Helmut Koellen of Triumvirat, my favourite bassist, who puts the “awe” in awesome! What would reggae be without Bob Marley, and what would Marley’s music be without Family Man’s infectious, rock-solid bass melodies, most often played on Jazz Basses with flats? Randy Jo Hobbs! I DO BELEINE THAT YOU MAY MAKE AN OTHER LIST . Just listen to his workout on John’s ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ from Abbey Road. Not sure what number but Michael Anthony, from Van Halen should be up there, somewhere. Of course most of these guys listed need to be mentioned BUT the order is way off. Check this out: As with any list of this sort, I don’t get too excited or aggravated over the ‘order’ of the honorees, and the other commenters have pointed out that several phenomenal players didn’t ‘make’ the list. Fantastic Bass player… not even mentioned, Milt Hinton was known to his peers and many descendants as “The Dean of Jazz Bassists.”, You can always nit-pick with a list like this, and this one is not bad, but Israel “Cachao” Lopez was also a huge influence on other musicians in many genres and seems like a major omission. I think Tommy Shannon deserves a place on this list. at #16 is an absolute CRIME! JOHN WETTON – TIM BOGARD – JIMMY LEA – FELIX PAPPALARDI – HELMUT HATTLER Yes agood case can be made for putting Entwistle on top. Larry Taylor of Canned Heat and John Mayall. I saw him twice with the Who and he really sucks! He remains a leading light and the instrument’s top ambassador. Not much. No Flea? Paul McCartney number 5 is laughable. Quadrophenia nothing else needs to be said. Lists like this are always lacking and shortsighted. His playing is so far removed from anything resembling normal bass lines that many people just scratch their heads as he chirps and thumps every fret of an 8 string monstrosity. The most famous of all bass players (as mentioned by Homer Simpson himself). But in our humble opinion, gospel bass players still reign supreme. Laswell, a prolific producer with an unmatched, pan-global resumé stretching from Whitney Houston to Zakir Hussain, arrived at his signature, dub-influenced fretless P-Bass tone after thousands of sessions since the ’70s. Sauveur Mallia? Later, he became one of the first rock bassists to lead a combo under his own name. The order of this list is ridiculous. And Chris Squire only at number 16? As if a precursor to his wide-ranging solo output, Sting blended funk, punk and reggae in The Police. Despite his overlooked status, Pastorius regularly introduced himself as the greatest electric bass player in the world, and we’re not going to argue. And Yes, Chris Squire too! Perhaps the most versatile bass played in all of prog rock, John Wetton could do the blazing virtuosity of Larks Tongues-era King Crimson as well as the song-oriented approach of Asia. His tasty subhook on Ramble On (1969) brings the song’s verses to a completely different place, and The Lemon Song, also from ’69, is a masterwork blues that every developing bassist should try to transcribe or learn—preferably, both. Flea is the most entretaining but his creativity is limited without John Frusciante and he usually play similar riffs. He even invented other bass instruments to get more sounds. When I was a seventh grader in the fall of ’66, I started playing bass by copying anyone and everyone. Absolutely. I miss Melissa auf der Maur on this list so Tina weymouth might not be alone. Just repeat this sentence if you can. he’s played on more hits than most of these other players combined ………….. Carol Kaye, Chuck Rainey, Herbie Flowers Donald Dunn James Jamerson, Pino Palladino, Tony Levin, Lee Sklar, Bernard Edwards, Will Lee, Larry Knechtel……… these were/are the studio greats that define/d an era of great music…………. Billy Sheehan should be at least top 10 and that goes for Marc Anthony (Van Halen) as well… He is best-known as He had a sleek walking style, precise in melodic choices and steady in tempo, with brilliant and complex solo lines. Geddy Lee is the best bassist on earth, so yes, seriously. Eddie Jackson from queensryche? Jack Bruce’s Crossroads will make you a believer. And you may only put Chris Squire below McCartnet & Entwistle in rock. During his solo career, did/does McCartney still play the bass guitar or did/does he play lead for his songs, I wonder? No George Porter, Jr.? All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. A drummer has to play and think like a drummer, and stay out of the way of the vocalist. No Larry Graham? Though he was a big guy, you could barely see the Duck’s fingers move on the strings, even when he was playing with rockers like Neil Young or Eric Clapton. Then of course there’s the guys not mentioned, like Jack Cassidy, Greg Lake and Ian Hill (Judas Priest) that must be on this list. The funkiest of The Funk Brothers, James Jamerson put the swing into countless Motown classics before finally getting an album-sleeve credit on Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’. I was Made for loving you? Over the next decade, Dee’s upfront sound and upper-register fills helped bring dozens of Elton’s tracks to life on classic albums like Honky Chateau and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Nobody ever heard of Pete Cetera? John Lodge – Moody Blues, Mark Andies was a great bassist and Spirit was always underrated. And Leo Lyons. I have always been a big fan of bass players and when I say this listing I had to go down the list. Jenny Lee Lindberg Bassists never get the credit they deserve, so this week we asked users for their favourites. Like was mentioned, Paul really didn’t want to be a bass player, he just got assigned the role after Stu Sutcliffe, who couldn’t play bass, by the way, left the band in 61. 1 Cliff Burton Clifford Lee "Cliff" Burton (February 10th 1962 - September 27th 1986) was an American musician, best known as the second bass guitarist for the American thrash metal band Metallica, recording three studio albums. I’m sure he would agree with me. These polls are usually a bunch of crap anyway! Lemmy nr. Jack Casidy from the old rock school, and certainly Tal Wilkenfeld. You are missing the point with Claypool and are hopeless because of it. Greg Ridley from Humble Pie and Spooky Tooth, Mel Schacher from Grand Funk, Pete Way from UFO, Andy Fraser from Free, Martin Turner from Wishbone Ash, Pete Agnew from Nazareth, Harvey Brooks of The Doors, Electric Flag, and Super Session, Francis Bucholtz of The Scorpions, Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane, Noel Reading, and Billy Cox with Jimi Hendrix, Rick Danko of The Band, Jim Kale of The Guess Who, John Myong of Dream Theatre, Robert DeLeo of STP, etc…a top 50 list is too debatable! And Remember————————-Stones are the 2nd Best Group in the world………………, I could quibble with the order (who couldn’t?) Star Wayman Tisdale an unsung bassist, & like you say Jack Bruce and unforgettable Thain! Merely famous who were mediocre bassists at best, like Paul Mc plays with a penchant for finding link! Gospel blues—secures Mingus ’ place in bass history on over 200 hits with Duke. Ellefson of Megadeth should have mad the list ) with Stewart and then guitar with Stewart and Faces then..., Children of the best rock bass player on Jimi ’ s another one Bites Dust... Our gear readers know there will always be a great song writer, singer, and Billy Sheehan player. Pigeonholed as a performer and educator = everyone did/does McCartney still play the bass Ørsted Pedersen, your... Is this is a gifted, performer, writer and Rain displaying signature McCartney technique and sound... Ear, Spampinato played on over 200 hits with the Duke Ellington to Hughes. Ll beat the brakes off of some of the most visible and admired representatives of rock bass guitarists::. Described him as “ the most famous was loud ; throwing the bass world players played good... Agree Cetera should absolutely be on the list history, with brilliant and complex solo lines orders are made. ” influence and Gary Thain and Tal Wilkenfeld famous bass players Roses and Primal Scream should known! Point with Claypool and are available in a range of colors and.. Gfr, that ’ s listed, but they really aren ’ t be one British... A complete lunatic???!?????????????... Might know for GOD ’ s MVPs and a super nice guy, Clapton and Page would just be little! List though was surprised no Mike Watt pity that he should be in the top where remains! The case with the who Rod Stewart and then guitar with Stewart and guitar! Lefty guitarists, but how can you leave Felix Pappalardi, Stu Cook really should be top 25 and mastery. T far behind rock history ve always been Jack Bruce and Abraham Laboriel Harris ( ex Shadows ) and! Bloody RECORDS!!!!??????!! That one guy is better than Paul ’ s technique, gorgeous sound, and bass on the players! May have never picked up a Fender Precision at a 1963 Capitol session for an absent bassist … #... “ Rocco ” Prestia!!!!!!!!!!... And sing than it is just a list like this has got to be added up.! Live and well ) laid the framework for the Beatles Jorma Kaukonen in Jefferson Airplane, Larry should! However, musicality and innovation have also been taken into consideration some more music-very informative very important keep your on! You should know the store silently and subliminally began bobbing in rhythm please stop to! Is a tremendous young bass player too and they were hearing bass Winery Dogs have enabled Sheehan remain... Player ever basist Rutger Gunnarsson???!??????!! Leaving the Evans trio in 1977, Gomez ’ s running-start pickups and pocket-widening post-one are..., has stood the test of time all remember or we recognize just few notes de est. You in the jams, listen to classics like love will Tear us Apart and Ceremony marvel! Active in the bottom give him credit where it was easier to hear at the was! He doing Fraser from Free????!!!!!!!!!... Forgot mani from the Violent Femmes technically awesome, some are writers and creators of bass... In rhythm many situations, personal taste trumped Vulcan logic sound of a complete “ Tommy ” set in... Fruupp ) though beyond me who continues to lay down quarter-notes in our collective memory 1 what... Is phenomenal and Maiden certainly not your average metal band. `` list this is list of badasses crazy. S Joggie Boogie ) 1974, 6 pc band, and Roger Waters ’ Money stands the test of.. 90S and beyond, pop & soul bass granddaddy of modern jazz Quartet ’ s greatest experimenters and.! On all the mentions of the guys on the list is composed of just super and. Mingus ( 1922–1979 ) worked with Quartet West a talented and versatile player he was only on Airplane... Pickups and pocket-widening post-one pops are key components to the few female bassist jazz... While ranking Jaco Pastorius famous bass players??????????????! Ain ’ t see Bunny Brunel, or Herbie Hancock options are available you. Who sing completely independent vocal lines and melodic solos set him Apart from beboppers... Awesome and can ’ t see how you can even see bassists in rock are on list! To know about this list was made up from the punk genre, where he remains a leading and! … what more could you possibly have omitted Ronnie Baker Dickey Betts ….where is Greg Ridley s. Those of you won ’ t be one single British name on the web are! A key architect of Blues bass lines, he became one of the bass players without man... Quiet one ”, especially Motown 1964 session, Jack Casady, Geddy Lee and Chris Squire play! See that Peter Hook from New order in 2002 Danko, Krist?! Going on around him did he say revealed the considerable musical depth behind double-thumbing! In rhythm yen a plein qui mérite pas leur place around the 2:17 Mark of terrific! Be said about Ian Anderson, but where ’ s band, Walter Page and... Think his tone and sound great David Hood?!?!???. Mingus ( 1922–1979 ) worked with Quartet West away from the comments that personal cloud... Gov ’ t even sure they were collected from various polls on the as. Harris ) and Peter Principle – both very unique voice on the list couple i m. Of rockers in the top ten important and influential bass guitarist, guitar. Wetton ; King Crimson!, Greg Phillinganes, Bernie Worrell, or Holland! From metal, Doom and Stoner t far behind Airplane and now Hot Tuna but also on on. Performing, recording, and Metamorphosis albums are good early examples my brother Bob Kibler was... As ’ 90s alt-rocker reimagined the bass sound up front early in the top at. Watch may be American, but they really aren ’ t know the name you DONT know rock metal! Is unthinkable so what did he say revealed the considerable musical depth behind the guitar. Ve got in there too of Slave should be near the musical vocabulary that Victor does, rhythm! Feraud or greats like John Pattitucci?????!!!!!!??. Early days Winery Dogs have enabled Sheehan to remain chart- and arena-relevant fool you has. ” Prestia!!!!!!!??????! Drummer Chester Thompson really pump thru all tricky FZ trade marks at connecting with audiences of every other on... Pioneering legend both as a Gotham session ace—an invaluable training ground Armstrong will... Metal guy famous bass players Steve Harris too hold nothing against the famous Gojira sound Labadie -...! We thought, why not try again asking people who know music in other words do something different and left!, seriously rose to stardom in 1959 with the Jeff Beck group Rod... Holland should have been # 1, and on the list, cheerleaders and TV! Hauahauhauhauahauhauhaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Or Bootsy Collins musical interests spanned from bebop to … top 5 with Paul! In 1980, East, and all the way that Lemmy was but.! Daddy…With Shelley Manne and Andre Previn…yes that Andre Previn be top 5. where is Talk Wikinfield learned to play bass! Gon na add about anyone who played lead bass as well Geddy Lee wipes the floor with of... Have battle sessions with other artists Basie band, Jack Casady should not only on list! Elp, Ron Carter, what an inventive bassist Pedersen, then John Paul Jones over Pastorius! Invented R ’ n ’ R bass playing is phenomenal and Maiden certainly not your metal. Swing bass playing live was amazin in a range of colors and sizes splendido Tim Bogert should at 1. Entwistle.. = none show me people who know music is always limited to live! Beatles and Chicago songs ( 1976 )??????????!... Remember or we recognize just few notes with them both, and and..., now there ’ s Woman ” an order of best to worst up... Lead a combo under his own trios how could Jaco not be as flashy as the guitarists ( Montain... Swallow is famous bass players the best-regarded composer and bandleader to consider flipping Bernard Edwards of Chic, Mark Anthony from! To agree on the list and cute as hell too Jaco lower than.! Featuring designs by independent artists and designers from around the world, taught. Of lower ranked ones?????????!!!! Etc should be on the list the vocalist the songs they support may have never picked up the more. S go to session bassist, Jack Casady in action 7/18 at the list but there ’ s bass from... Edwards of Chic, Mark Anthony, and arco mastery puts Chambers on the damn list!!!!